“Diet plan failed…. discouraging and depressing
but not your fault because you’ve been
sabotaged with bad advice!”
If you have struggled to lose weight…. please don’t blame yourself because most diet recommendations have probably done you more harm than good.

Diet Plan Shot to Pieces?

Competent health and fitness professionals agree. After decades of terrible results, it is clear that commercial weight loss hype and even “official” diets don’t work.

If you are focusing on the latest diet trends, killer exercise routines, supplements, Oprah and Oz and still fail…. you’re missing the mark…. completely.

You must simplify to succeed.

Use a “minimal willpower” approach and science based principles to finally answer the sticky question, “How do I lose weight?”

There is more than one way to trim down and improve your health. Figuring out what works for you, in your particular situation, makes a big difference between success and failure.

However, there are certain things you cannot ignore if you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off, without pain and suffering.

Overcoming lifestyle related health problems involves three things….

Self Knowledge… Identify and evolve self-defeating behaviors.
Good Science… Distinguish valid strategies from bogus hype.
Simple Planning… Use structure, not willpower to get results.
It is far easier to make these life changes when you address all aspects of the problem than it is to simply try another diet plan, eat less and exercise more.

– A Prediction –
If you are willing to curb impatience and adopt an holistic approach,
you will drop weight, feel better and add life to your years.
And…. quite possibly…. years to your life.
Most dieters think strictly in terms of “calories in and calories out” or “feel the burn” and “rip those abs”.

However, your mind and your physiology is playing a much bigger game than that.

To ensure your success, let’s go a little deeper….
Self Knowledge
The First Step
Managing your weight begins in the mind.

When you understand the internal drivers that influence how you behave, you can change your perspective concerning appearance, your relationship with food and your weight.

You will better manage the stress of daily life and so gain control over temptations that result in compulsive snacking or overeating.

You can also cast off the distorted perceptions of beauty shoved down our throats by the popular media. Instead of anorexic glamour models as the impossible standard, you judge your “ideal weight” in terms of the “state of your health” and how you behave and perform like you are “ten years younger than you are”.

Slim and sexy (that’s “ripped” for you dudes) becomes a natural byproduct of optimal good health and your weight will normalize as perfect for your body type.

It’s all about insights into your relationship with food and attitudes which affect behavior. This is critical because….

Guts, willpower and the latest diet plan won’t get you skinny!

Consider these mental health and wellness tools as a good example of how you can work smart and get results.

To be successful, we must find ways, other than willpower, to develop and reinforce the…. motivation to lose weight.
Good Science
Official USDA Dietary Guidelines make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

In reality, they contribute to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Roughly sixty years ago, based upon gross scientific error, the United States Government revised the “facts” of nutrition.

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Misinformation, repeated often enough, becomes gospel.

Since the 1970’s, following these guidelines, we have become fatter. Type II diabetes is rampant in western culture and growing in the Far East and Africa.

If you have struggled to lose weight while “eating healthy” you must study the facts with an open mind and choose your own path.

How you eat determines whether you burn fat or store fat…. gain weight or lose weight. How you eat determines your health. And it’s not, as you have been told, only about calories. Nor is animal fat and cholesterol to blame.

Knowing what works, naturally and in sync with your physiology, streamlines your efforts to achieve and maintain a lean, healthy body.


Simple Planning
Fail to plan or plan to fail.

That’s an old cliche, but planning is essential. Attempting to modify personal behavior and develop new habits, by just winging it, is an invitation to crash and burn!

A good plan creates focus and a simple framework for actions so that during your busy day, you are neither preoccupied with, nor forgetful of your priorities.

Planning is a strategy against distraction, uncertainty and any natural laziness. It is a catalyst for motivation, support for damaged self-esteem and the precursor of a positive attitude.

A plan can do the heavy lifting for you and is a much improved alternative to guts and willpower.

Here are the essentials for creating…. the best weight loss plan.
Power Eating
Nutrition…. the brick and mortar of good health.

Dieting and restriction, although common strategies, produces stress, anxiety and ultimately failure. So, this is not an option.

If you understand how your body stores and burns fat, you will find it easy to balance your diet plan to effortlessly support healthy levels of fat and lean tissue.

On this website, a “diet plan” refers to eating for optimal health and performance…. not restrictive dietary manipulation…. as in “dieting”.

Allowing for some broad principles, you can “mix and match”, tweak the details and create an individualized plan that’s works for you. No deprivation. No pain.

Here’s what you need to create your…. best diet to lose weight.
Smart Exercise
A sedentary lifestyle does not “cause” obesity.

And contrary to popular belief, exercise is an inefficient way to lose weight. Exercise requires considerable time and effort to “burn” significant energy (calories) and you can very easily “eat the calories back on” in just a few minutes.

But…. exercise is not optional!

The right exercise, performed correctly, is a complement to any sound diet plan. It can alter hormone levels and build some muscle which increases your resting metabolic rate. This burns fat all day and all night which is especially helpful for long term weight maintenance.

A characteristic common to the majority of people who lose weight and keep it off, is that they are physically active.

Exercise is fundamental to good health. Longevity studies show that somewhat heavy (not obese) but fit individuals enjoy better health and live longer than those who are thin but unfit.

And more important, regular exercise improves your ability to get out and do the things that make life a joy. It can give you a healthy glow, change your shape and make you look sexy!

Certain types of exercise are better than others. Effective exercise is Simple…. Focused…. Brief.

A variety of exercises can be adapted to work for anyone!

Here’s what you need to know about…. fat burning exercises.
The Silver Bullet Diet Plan
The Big Picture
Taking control of your health is important but our obsession with weight loss is over emphasized.

Weight loss and good health are related but not synonymous.

Gently ease your lifestyle in the direction of habits that lead to good health and in time, your weight will seek its natural and perfect level.

As this happens, you will find that you’re playing a much bigger game than just one more diet plan.

Your body and mind mirror each other.

What I have observed and what is really exciting is that when you begin to look and feel better, subtle and often profound changes occur in terms of general well-being, confidence and joy in living.

A cycle begins that stimulates physical and emotional growth, supported by each other, evolving towards personal excellence.

“Getting healthy” can be a jumping off point for continued improvement that leads to a great life.

Some of you may even become “Bullet-Proof”!