How Many Days in the Second Stage of the HCG Diet Do You Need?
The number of days that a person has to use in the HCG diet will vary based on what is going on for one’s health. It will take a few weeks to get the HCG for weight loss to work well for one’s diet. There are a number of big things to think about when getting the diet to work out right.

The Minimum Rule of Thumb The best point for getting the HCG diet to start involves working for at least three weeks. It’s best to go with at least twenty-one days of using HCG when going through the second stage. This should be enough time to allow the body to handle HCG and to get enough of it stored in one’s body. This should especially work well with allowing anyone to easily lose more weight.

In fact, some people who use the HCG diet for this period of time might end up losing one to two pounds each day when going this long. What’s the Highest Number? There’s also the potential for a person to go for a little longer than others when using the HCG diet. This diet could go along for forty-six days if needed. This is equal to a little less than seven months.

You will see your HCG diet before and after body. The timing should be used carefully. This is due to how the body might reach a plateau where it will not be able to lose much weight. In fact, the longest times for using this diet should only work for those who have very large amounts of weight to lose. A Few Timing Ideas The timing for working with the diet can vary by each person.

There are a few things that have to be used when finding a good solution:

• There is a potential for a person to get to a plateau in this diet. This is where the body is not going to be likely to actually lose weight after a while even if the diet is properly followed. This could be a sign that it is time for the body to move into the maintenance stage of the HCG diet.

• Also, there is a potential for the body to become tired from the very low calorie diet that has to be used here. That’s why there is a limit as to how long a person should be using the HCG diet for.

• The body can also become used to the HCG after a while. Therefore, there will be a need to stop using it for a period of time. Every person has one’s own standard with regards to what can work when getting the HCG diet going. Not all people can work with the HCG diet for the same amount.

Be sure to talk with a weight loss clinic to see what can be done when finding a plan for using HCG injections. This is to make sure that the diet will not be too problematic when getting something going the right way.
How Long of a Rest Period is Needed in the HCG Diet?
The HCG diet is broken down into three phases. The fist phase is called ‘loading phase’ and lasts 2 days only. During this phase, you are required to eat as much food as you can, and the food you should eat must have lots of fat and calories.

The second phase is called the ‘weight loss phase’ and last 40 to 58 days. In this phase you are required to lower your food intake to 500 calories and also take the HCG hormone. The combination of the hormone and drastically reduced diet results in a weight loss of up to 2 lbs per day.

The third phase is called the ‘maintenance phase’ and lasts about 23 days. In this phase, you are required to increase your food intake to restore your metabolism to its normal rate. After the third phase, you will need a rest period to prevent your body from developing HCG- resistance.

This is necessary for the HCG hormone keep working on your system. By this time, you would have lost at least 30 lbs and become leaner and thinner. Naturally, you will ask, “How long a rest period is needed in HCG diet?” Before getting to the answer to this question, let us first understand why a rest period is needed at all.

Why is a rest period needed?

The three phases of the HCG ultra diet may need to be repeated two to as many times as necessary to achieve the desired weight loss if you are obese. At the completion of each three-phase cycle, you will have lost at least 30 lbs. If your target is to lose 90 lbs, you must repeat the diet twice.

Taking HCG hormone for a long time may induce your body to develop resistance to the hormone. This is a natural phenomenon that happens with everything we eat over a period of time.

When resistance develops, the method doe not work for you the next time. Therefore, it is very important to take a break before starting another cycle. Another purpose of the rest is to give your body the much needed break from the rigorous two-month dieting.

Depriving yourself of your favorite food for a long period of time is not healthy for your body and mind. How long does the rest period last? The rest period is initiated after the end of the third phase. It should last six weeks and should be a preparation for the next round of the HCG diet. I

n this phase, the HCG hormone taken during the second phase is completely flushed out of the system and the body’s metabolism is restored so that the body starts functioning normally. This stabilizes your body functions and provides a much needed break from the rigorous fasting and medication. At the end of this phase, another cycle of HCG diet is initiated if more weight loss is required.


HCG Diet Apple Crisp

1 apple
half small lemon
1 T water
2 t zsweet/granulated sugar sub. (adjust amount if not using zsweet)
1. Preheat oven to 400.
2. Peel, core, and slice/chop apple.
3. Place apples in small baking dish.
4. Cover with juice of 1/2 small lemon, zsweet/sugar sub., water, and few dashes of cinnamon. Toss.


1 grissini
1 t milk
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t nutmeg
1/4 t pumpkin pie spice
1. Grind grissini into a powder using food processor or coffee grinder.
2. Add milk in 1/4 t increments. Slowly stir until mixture forms a slightly moist crumbly topping.
3. Sprinkle on top of apple filling.


1. Cover dish and bake 20 mins.
2. Remove cover and broil 1-2 mins to crisp topping.
3. Serve immediately.
NOTE: This is really filling and tastes so much like apple pie it almost feels like cheating! My entire family loves it.

This includes 1 t of your allowed 1 T milk for the day. Also includes your grissini and fruit portion for one meal.

You can also totally omit the topping if you don’t want to use a grissini portion.