HCG is a sure way to lose your fats. It will help you to maintain a healthy body and most of all help you to get rid of the undesired fats. The knowledge of HCG diet plan is now spreading fast and many know on the benefit of this hormone. You no longer have to despair when you have tried all the starvation exercises that do not seem to work at all. The reality is that when you starve yourself, your body also slows down the metabolism thus leading to a slower rate of burning your food reserves thus not touching the abnormal fats that you need to shed off you.

HCG can be taken in two modes; you can have the drops or alternatively take in injections. In this article, the focus is on HCG injections and the misconceptions that many have on them. Many fear injections and reason that having the drops is much better than having the injections. Well, this is not necessarily the case. HCG injections are compared to insulin shots used by diabetic individuals. If you ask these if they have a fear for the injections or if these are painful, you will be shocked by the answer. They are quite different from all other injections that many get from hospital or other health care facilities.

HCG injections are administered into the body through the intramuscular and the subcutaneous system. The absorption of the content too can occur by the blood system if it is driven within close proximity to the blood system. With the subcutaneous injections, the injection is just administered into fatty issue under the skin. This acts as the best system for insulin too as it helps protein component as these can be digested if taken in through the mouth.

The injection is best because it will reach to the blood stream fast as a whole component to perform the function for which it is intended. It is able to reach to its receptor region in an instant as a whole in just the right manner. With the intramuscular system, the needle is inserted into the muscles of the body. This may be in the arm, buttock, or even the thigh.

The content then reaches to the nearest blood system and is taken into the circulatory system of the body. You are in a position to reach the maximum effects of the content through this system. Both the HCG and the insulin are best taken into the body through the injection method and this is a fact that has been medically approved. They give much bigger advantage in this manner than when taken in orally.

The advantages that come with an injection for both cases are

• Effectiveness that is brought by its reaching the body system in its whole component state

• No disruptions on integrity brought due to protein digestion as would be the case if taken orally

• Ready absorption into the system as it reaches fast to the blood vessels If you want to plan an easy HCG diet, HCG cookbook might be a great help for you.